About Porte Chai

Porte Chai is Bangladesh’s first-ever smart on-demand academic & professional skill-sharing platform. Here, we connect the learners with mentors.

Learner: S/he can learn from a mentor
Mentor: S/he can teach learners by an hourly payment basi

How to become Learner

Just create a profile with your name, area, phone number. It’s easy!! After creating a profile you can look for your on demand mentor’s on specific course/subjct. Choose one and call him/her, set a date,time & meeting place according to choice. Learners can also post his/her problem on “post a problem” section with tagging their subjects.

How to become Mentor

Learners can also be a mentor by adding university name, hourly rate, subjects that s/he wanted to teach. When both party meet the learner will sent a request notification from his/her app. Mentor will accept the request and find a “timer” then mentor start timer for teaching. the learner. After complete learning mentor stop the timer and show learner about his/her payment. Then mentor will get payment from the learners.